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We all have different preferences for drinks, especially when we go out with friends. The choices for drinks are plenty and they include soda, tea, coffee, beer and wine.  However, not all of these drinks are healthy, even if you “think” you can handle it.


By simply choosing the wrong drink to consume often leads to a bigger and more serious problem. When you get addicted to alcoholic drinks, for example, you may never know where you might end up in. Here is a list of drinks to avoid and consume as suggested by a Christian drug rehab center.

Beer and mixed drinks should be avoided as much as possible. This is because beer contains a sugar called maltose, which will cause blood sugar to rise. However, if drinking beer is unavoidable, like in a party, it is advisable to stick to the low-carbohydrate version. Fortunately for fans of hard drinks like vodka and gin, these drinks do not raise the blood sugar. However, taking drinks with hard alcohol is still not the perfect solution.

This is not the case, however, with wine. Wine, especially the red variety, is healthy for the heart.  Its effects include slowing down the speed at which a person digests a meal. This special function notwithstanding, one should keep in mind that it is not healthy to binge, and therefore, he must be careful not to drink as much as what he can possibly consume in a week. This is because binging will put too many calories into one’s body at one time. Such magnitude of calories may be too much for his metabolism to handle.

Not only party drinks like cocktails and beer are harmful. Soda is also not advisable. It contains nothing more than sugar and caffeine, which substances stimulate hunger. Thus, a person who drinks soda will feel more yearning for food than a normal person who does not drink it, making him more prone to being fat.

With all these drinks being found to be no-good beverages, it becomes a clear fact that water is still the best drink – it does not contain calories and it helps in one’s metabolism.  It will even save you from entering a Christian drug rehab center.

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