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Sometimes, it is easier for one to just lay back and go with life’s flow, without bothering to take some degree of control. The temptation is understandable because living life that way saves a person effort and worry. However, this is not a healthy take on life.

If one wants to celebrate recovery and peace, he should always be the one navigating his life, and not the other way around.  One should not get lost in the blur and speed of everyday life that he loses his control of the events in his life. Every person should be the one leading his life.

This can be done, first, by expressing one’s emotional garbage out. It is important to let all the frustrations out of one’s system so that moving on becomes easier. This could be done by going to a therapist who would listen or simply a friend who would understand. It could also be done by writing one’s thoughts in a piece of paper and then ripping it up. After doing so, one would find that he can hear himself think again, because all external clutter as already been removed.

Sometimes, one gets lost because of being too busy with work. This can be remedied by taking a few minutes a day to rest and relax. For example, during the lunch break, one could take 15 minutes out of the break to meditate. This can be done by taking consecutive deep breaths and stopping form thinking about anything else. Emptying the brain for a little while will do wonders to one’s peace.

Organizing one’s thoughts can also help put things back in the right perspective. One could write all the things he needs to do and how he places to accomplish them one at a time. Writing things down makes one relax and think that everything is under control, because the issues are laid down in paper and not burdening the mind.

All these pointers are aimed at putting a person squarely in the driver’s seat of his life, ready to take control, and celebrate recovery from life’s stresses. For more information about sober living, visit http://www.homesofpromise.org.