Remember, children usually our hope or the future of people’s yesterdays dream for our next generation. But, how can we be so sure about it if the children we are saying are already affected with the closed people with wasteful goals in life. Children who grow up in homes where there is active alcoholism can get many mixed messages about how they should interact with others in the family and the outside world. These kind of children usually persuade for being trashed, especially the dreams they want build.

Growing up in home with an active alcoholic can affect how a child looks at life and almost everything in it. If you are one of the children who happened to experience this kind of situation, you may find some of the following descriptions below are very familiar.

  • Children who grow up in alcoholic homes can be deeply affected by the experience and the effects can last well beyond their childhood years. These kids never feel normal inside their home, never learned the correct behavior or etiquette, usually watch other family with a good lifestyle, gain inferiority complex, can’t express true feelings, don’t feel like an adult, and never feel comfortable and important.
  • One of the characteristics that many children who had an alcoholic parent report is difficulty having fun due to anger and sorrow they carry. They usually have a fake smile, anger can never be forgotten, cannot go out for fun with their acquaintances, and always problematic.
  • Some children or youngsters are very scared to get involved into an intimate relationship. Because they are afraid to show their real feelings and never give easily their trust.
  • Many alcoholics can become mean and abusive when they are drinking. Consequently, their children sometimes grow up being frightened of angry people. As they’re growing, they usually get panic every time they heard someone’s yelling and screaming. These kids are the persons that are very easy to be getting bullied by their classmates or by the other children.
  • Many kids feel they are different from some other children the reason why they usually feel scared and usually get the permission of their parents or guardian before they do an action.

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