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ImageBeing an alcoholic is not the problem of only the person who is under its clutches. It is also the problem and should be the concern of not just his immediate friends or family members, but of the community and society as well.

What are the few ways by which we can lend support and assistance to our alcoholic friends or relatives?

  1. Be adamant and persistent in making it hard for him to keep on drinking. Don’t tire of reminding him the bad effects and the risks of alcoholism. Be patient and understanding all the time.
  1. Do not ever forget that he is still the person you love so don’t stop loving him because of the fact that he has succumb to this disease. What you can do instead is to reach out and help him get through this. This is surely a down moment in your relationship; thus, is the right time to show him that you will not easily give up and you are strong enough to work it out with him.
  1. Avoid nagging, destructive criticisms, and excessive preaching or complaint. This will not help him to see the point or the message you are trying to get across; instead, he will just tune out of it.
  1. Attack the drinking problem directly. Acknowledge it fully and with all its essentials. Encourage alcohol detox and the benefits he will gain from it.
  1. Do not be afraid to seek help. You should not do this alone; it is imperative that you reach out to the experts and to those you are capable of assisting you through this.
  1. Also, if you wish to help and you wish to combat this problem, it is imperative that you yourself, who will be assisting, should set a good example. All your efforts will be wasted if your credibility and integrity on the matter is questionable.
  1. Aside from all these, be sure to take good care of yourself for how else would you be able to help him if you yourself will be in need of help?

But most importantly, prepare yourself to be there for your loved one once he is ready to be helped and once he has acknowledge for himself, with your assistance, the need to do so. For more information about alcohol detox and rehabilitation, visit http://homesofpromise.org/alcohol-detox.