If you are having trouble with your life because of the unwanted lifestyle you are having right now, it is about time to deal a professional alcohol and drug treatment program. Once you enter this kind of program, it is the start of your new journey through few stages of a rehabilitation recovery to improve a clean and sober lifestyle. Yes recovery is a very long life process, so here are the stages you need to take until you reach the fulfillment of your recovery.

  • Beginning Stage of Treatment. This is the stage where you will start the first stage of your recovery that will begin with you initiating professional treatment. In this stage, most of the patients usually admit that they have a problem and seeking outside help. You probably still accommodate some feelings of ambivalence about giving up drugs which is common for people in early days. You are also facing with many circumstances, usually some level of denials about their addiction as well as with the development of your goals. It involves also the challenges and confronts you in an effort to motivate you to change your mind.
  • Early Sobriety. This is the second stage of commitment for recovery to continue treatment for your substance abuse problem which is also known as abstinence. We consider this stage as the toughest stage to cope with because of many aspects, such as the continuation of withdrawal symptoms, physical cravings, psychological dependence and a host of triggers that can tempt you into a relapse.
  • Maintaining Sobriety. This stage usually takes more or less 90 days or three months of continual abstinence, you will proceed to the early sobriety stage of recovery to the third stage, maintaining the second stage. This is the performance of follow-up counseling phase of your rehab program on an outpatient basis.
  • The Final Stage, Advanced Recovery. This is usually happened after five years of sobriety or abstinence. This is the point that you take all the tools and skills that you have learned during your rehab counseling and put them to use living of satisfaction. You may not have to spend as much conscious effort to maintain your sober lifestyle, but your continued recovery can be a lifelong process.

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